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ABPM Data Manager TM2441-16

Version 2.1.0 (Apr. 2023)  Download

Please note:
The Zip file will need to be extracted before double clicking on the ‘setup.exe’ installation icon.
Do not change the configuration of files and folders.

Instruction Manual
English PDF
Quick Guide(English) PDF

Version Description
1.0 Released in 2018 summer
1.0.5 Bug fixes, (Oct. 2018)
1.1.1 Automatic Installation
Automatic COM port detection
Delete data when ABPM setting
Bug fixes (Jan. 2019)
1.1.3 Change Software title to "ABPM Data Manager"
Bug fix at Correlation-chart (Apr. 2019)
1.1.6 (Nov. 2019) Multi-language available
When there is a lack of information or anything wrong in TM2440/2441 file loading, it shows Error message
1.1.9 (Aug. 2020) Several improvement:
-1 sec to start the software
-Rename the items in Comment for easier understanding
-You can cancel during data downloading
-There is a progress bar with estimate downloading time when downloading
-No limit of COM port number
-Remember the License code after the software update
-New setting "Standard/ Advanced" for data acquiring in Data setting. When in "Standard", only blood pressure data is acquired. When in "Advanced", the blood pressure waveform and acceleration data are acquired in addition to the blood pressure data.
1.1.9a (Apr. 2021) Changed URL to register the user information
Applied A&D brand guideline
1.2.0 (Aug. 2021) - Improve the settings (start measurement, measurement time)
- Bug fix: TM2430 ABPM start time set correctly
- Bug fix: exclusion settings at IHB
- Bug fix: TM2430 ABPM start time settings for 6 sections
- Instruction Manual typo correction in 4.4.2 PieGraph
1.2.1 (Nov. 2022) - Bug fix and typo error correction
- Unify the software name as ABPM Data Manager
- Add nocturnal blood pressure patterns
- Change Icon design
- Verify it works with Windows11
Version 2.1.0 (Apr. 2023)  NEW - Update MySQL to v.8.0
- Notation correction in Trendgraph

ABPM Data Converter

Version 1.0.0 (Oct. 2023)  Download
ABPM Data Converter is a Windows application that allows data managed by ABPM Data Manager (TM-2441-16), blood pressure data, statistics, patients and settings to be migrated to another PC.

Please note:
The Zip file will need to be extracted before double clicking on the ‘ABPMDataConverter.exe’ icon.

Instruction Manual
English PDF

Version Description
1.0.0 (Oct. 2023)  NEW Released in 2023 autumn



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